The journey so far.

Landquery in 2019 was pitched to have been a platform where anyone could self investigate the status of landed properties such as land use, survey verification, land title, zoning regulation etc.

The system was built to generate an intelligence report of some sort to inform buying…

Say Bami, a resident of Lagos wants to buy a land.

He acquired the survey plans and decided to get the land information from the Ministry. His first problem was Lagos traffic. After which he faced the Ministry’s needful requirements. The needful being, buying soft drinks and recharge cards for…

Did you know that Interviews are like landmines capable of ruining what can be described as a near-successful attempt at getting one’s dream job? …

I was pumped to see the producers of YOLO TV Series release a new Ghanaian TV Series titled "Stryke".

What intrigued me about yolo was the way they communicated the sexual life of the African teenager, the point where he transitions from puberty into adulthood, having to deal with peer…

The word “family” dredges up memories and emotions. Oftentimes we can view family through the lenses of love and safety, and other times recall from the point of pain and frustration. Truth is, Families are as complicated as the individuals that make them up.

Point is — we make them

We mostly say nothing is more…

The new normal, as popularly discussed, will be the birth of several untold events, experiences and discoveries.

Hence, my thoughts, plan, vision needs to be reinvented with this in mind.


As a graduate…

Organizations show foresight by being pro active, achieving optimum level of productivity, maintaining market leadership or competing to be one would lead them to having to subscribe to any system or process that gives a competitive advantage. …

Empathy is the bedrock to context as context is to design

Sometimes we are compelled to design for self preservation, acceptance or approval.

How do I mean?

Think about your PhD graduation ceremony, you won’t go dressed in a jersey.

Society has shaped your mindset about such events.

So before…

Ifeoluwa Omidiji Isaac

I'm a product designer/manager, I position products and businesses for high growth.

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